A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Fly with spaceships avoiding holes in the program, unlock new ships, customize your ship by changing engines.  Enjoy the company of Squido, the ghostly squid that will guide you during your journey.

Can you unlock the secret ship and find the way to repair this game ?

Version 1.2.1:
    -Added another way to repair the game

Version 1.3.0:
    -Added an extraordinary SOUNDTRACK by: prod. SAT1R

Version 1.4.0:
    -Android VERSION working

    -Android version with ONLY GAMEPLAY ... 4 playable ships, no story, no highscores

    360x640 -> for older devices (minimum screen width = 360)
    432x768 -> for newer devices (minimum screen width = 432)       
    *if you like this game and wish to play it on Android, and you give me your "min screen width" I WILL build it for you ;-)        

  arrows for navigation
  'Space' for confirmation
  'Q' for exit (please only from menu)

  Touchscreen if on Android ;-)

   use arrows(up and down) to avoid holes in the game
   The Spaceship ACCELERATES up/down, because that is what engines do.

This game contains NO VIRUS, as windows defender might suggest

*If your phone/PC is too slow, background image will NOT be there ... SORRY

Install instructions

All you need to do is:

1. download

2. unzip / extract the .zip file

3. Windows:
    double-click on Spacetrouble_version.exe
3. OSX: 
    move Spacetrouble.app to applications
    open security & profiles and allow start of this application,
    double-click Spacetrouble.app
3. Android:
    install as any other .apk file ...
  find it in files (usually ./downloads)
  click on it -> will ask you to install -> CONFIRM

4. enjoy the game


SpaceTrouble_1.3.0_win32.zip 72 MB
SpaceTrouble_1.3.0_OSX.zip 74 MB
SpaceTroubleLite.1.1.360x640.apk 51 MB
SpaceTroubleLite.1.1.432x768.apk 51 MB
SpaceTrouble. 51 MB
SpaceTrouble. 51 MB

Development log


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Pretty good game Peter I enjoyed it 

Thanks a lot ...

When you find the secret, let me know ;-)